Blue Histology

4 stars

Course: Histology
Ownership: The University of Western Australia
Cost: Free


Blue Histology is a full course with a variety of slides (including labeled and virtual slides which can be manipulated), simulations, quizzes, and diagrams. It is a good review that focuses on the main points. The website asks students to draw out/make notes as they go along. Additionally, the students can evaluate themselves through MCQ and SAQ quizzes. The website also lists additional resources that are relevant to page content.

Topics include Epithelia and Glands, Connective Tissues, Integumentary System, Muscle, Nervous Tissue, Skeletal Tissues, Vascular System, Respiratory System, Blood, Oral Cavity and Oesophagus, Gastrointestinal Tract, Accessory Digestive Glands among others.


This is not a lecture based product so students would have to be comfortable leaning from text and slides. However, the notes are so good and the slides are so clear that this could replace many portions of a standard microscopic anatomy course. It is conceivable that students could use this as the course and would only require clarifications from faculty and exams.


The site’s Google Speed score is 96/100, which is a good representation as the site seems to run fairly fast, even when loading the high quality pictures. The site runs well across various browsers. Up to date Java must be installed. Most of the links require popups to be enabled.